Protection concept BnB Villa "Mon Repos" valid from 6.12.2021


For overnight stays with breakfast, a certificate obligation applies.
For overnight stays without breakfast, no certificate obligation applies.


Hand hygiene:

All persons in the household clean their hands regularly.

Set up hand hygiene stations: Guests have the opportunity to disinfect their hands with hand disinfectant or wash their hands with soap and water when entering the villa.

Face masks:

Each person must wear a face mask in indoor areas accessible to the public (entrance, staircase, living room and dining room). This does not apply to guests when they are sitting at the dining table. However, when people are on their way to the table or going to the toilets, a face mask must be worn. Specifically, the required distance shall be maintained whenever possible even when wearing a mask.

The establishment shall draw the guests' attention to the obligation to wear a mask. In the event of non-compliance, the establishment shall exercise its domiciliary rights. The mask requirement indoors does not apply if access is restricted to persons with a vaccination or recovery certificate (2G).

Keeping a distance:

All persons shall keep a distance of 1.5 metres from each other. Seats in lounges have a distance of 1.5 metres. Within the groups of guests (maximum four persons, except families with children) no distances have to be kept. The establishment shall ensure that groups of guests do not mix. Food and beverages may only be consumed while seated.


Regular cleaning of surfaces and objects after use as required, especially if they are touched by more than one person.

The establishment shall ensure a regular and sufficient exchange of air in guest areas.

All contact surfaces must be cleaned regularly. Sufficient waste bins shall be provided, in particular for the disposal of handkerchiefs and face masks. Waste bins shall be emptied regularly. Disposable gloves are changed after one hour and disposed of in a closed waste bin.


The establishment shall display the protective measures according to the FOPH in the entrance area. Guests are to be made aware in particular of the distance rules and the wearing of masks up to the table. Guests are asked at reception or at the entrance, verbally or in writing, to refrain from visiting the establishment if they have symptoms that indicate a respiratory illness, e.g. using the current FOPH poster "This is how we protect ourselves".


The establishment provides hygiene articles such as soap and disinfectant in sufficient quantity.